5. gru, 2019

Special Mission - MINDFALL - outdoor escape room

Hello special agents!
Your Friday's mission: 
The world is in great danger. The secret SpiderTech organization has created a virus that allows it to take control of the human mind. Only excellent agents, well equipped and open to challenges can save humanity. Your task is to find the antidote that will destroy the criminal plan. Do not lose cold blood, be vigilant and include perceptiveness in solving various puzzles, including the Augmented Reality (AR). 
Only you can undertake this mission and save the world. There are only two conditions: you have to work closely together and ... have fun! There is no time to lose! Let's play!
Look what awaits you:
#EscapeCityKrakow #game #freetime #fun Fascinating story, smart riddles, crazy gamification, Augmented Reality and charming Krakow. This recipe for a great c...

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One city: Krakow

You have 2 hours to save the city

See you on Friday!

Your supervisor Laura Hunt